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Children’s Clinic Near Me

Children’s Clinic Questions and Answers

If you are looking for a children’s clinic near you in Memphis, TN look no further. All Better Pediatrics offers a wide range of health and medical services for children of all ages. So your little ones can lead a happy and healthy life. Call us for more information or request an appointment online.

Children’s Clinic Near Me in Memphis, TN
Children’s Clinic Near Me in Memphis, TN

Table of Contents:

What type of services do pediatricians provide at children’s clinics?
What questions should I ask at my child’s clinic visit?
How often should my child see the pediatrician?

Infants, children, and adolescents all have special medical needs, which is why it is so important to have a trusted professional to deliver their healthcare services. A number of illnesses and injuries commonly affect young ones, from the cold and flu to allergies and asthma. Pediatricians are the most qualified of any healthcare professional to treat children and diagnose their symptoms, providing an unparalleled level of care. They are experienced at managing many chronic childhood conditions and can help your little ones live a good quality of life.

What type of services do pediatricians provide at children’s clinics?

At children’s clinics, pediatricians provide care for kids of all ages, from before birth to after adolescence. Pediatric services include:

Pre-Birth Office Tours
Before Birth Baby Care
Bringing Baby Home
Breastfeeding Support
Well Visit
Sick Visit
Evening & Weekend Patient Communication
In-Office Care
Immunization Consultations
Home Care
Cough & Nasal Congestion
Ear Ache & Sore Throat
Pink Eye

These are some of the services offered at All Better Pediatrics; please note this list is not all-inclusive. If you do not see a service listed here in which you are interested, please call our office for more information, and one of our caring professionals will be happy to assist you.

What questions should I ask at my child’s clinic visit?

Every parent has a lot of questions about their child’s health and what they can do as their guardian to protect them. A well-child visit is a perfect time to ask these questions, although it can be easy to forget them at the moment. That is why it is imperative to write down any questions you have to ensure you do not miss out on the information you need. Before the well-child visit, write down 3 to 5 questions you have using a pen and paper or a smartphone. The questions may be about:

A health condition your child has (like allergies, asthma, or developmental problems)
Changes in behavior or mood
Problems in school — with learning or other children

Other important questions to ask may include:

Is my child up to date on vaccines?
What can I do to make sure my child is adequately physically active?
How can I help my child eat healthily?
Is my child at a healthy weight?
What can I do to help my child prevent getting sick?

Using a notepad, smartphone, or tablet, write down all of the answers to these questions, so you can review them later.

How often should my child see the pediatrician?

A recommendation by The US Department of Health and Human Services states that each child should receive at least 7 well-child visits between the ages of 1 and 4 at the following intervals:

12 months
15 months
18 months
24 months
30 months
3 years
4 years

After four years of age, it is recommended that children visit the pediatrician for an annual check-up unless they require care to manage an ongoing condition.

If you are looking for a children’s clinic to take care of your child’s needs, come to All Better Pediatrics today. Our kind and compassionate professionals are experienced in treating children of all ages and can help parents get the most out of each visit. Call us today or book an appointment, or visit our clinic conveniently located at 1102 Brookfield Road, Suite 200, Memphis, TN 38119. Our office is open 6 days a week: Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM to 5 PM, and Saturday from 8:30 AM to 1 PM. We look forward to serving you! We serve patients from Memphis TN, Germantown TN, Bartlett TN, Cordova TN, Collierville TN, Oakville TN and Lenow TN.