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Rash Treatment in Memphis, TN

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Rash Treatment in Memphis, TN
Rash Treatment in Memphis, TN

Circle, Circle, Dot, Dot: Recognizing Rashes

Rare is the infant or child who does not develop a rash of some kind at some point. There are various causes for rashes and skin conditions, including bacterial and fungal infections.

Many kinds of rashes may show up on an infant’s skin. Most are not a problem but may require treatment. Diaper rash is the term for any irritation or rash in areas covered by a diaper. The first sign of this rash is usually redness or small bumps in areas of the skin that have been in direct contact with a wet or soiled diaper. This type of rash is usually not serious and can be cleared up in a few days with appropriate care using OTC creams such as Boudreaux’s Butt Paste, Desitin and others.

Cradle cap often appears on the heads of newborns, marked by yellow, scaly patches. It isn’t contagious, and it is not an indication of poor hygiene. Cradle cap usually clears up on its own but if you want to help loosen the scales on baby’s head, you can gently massage your baby’s head with a warm washcloth after shampooing and before rinsing.

Baby acne can look like a rash and is very common. It develops during the first three to four weeks of life due to hormonal changes that stimulate oil glands and will usually clear up on its own within a few months. Simply wash your baby’s face with water and a mild baby soap daily, avoid lotions or oils, and never pinch or scrub the bumps.

Rashes that appear on the scalp or other areas of the body and don’t go away after a short time can be caused by any number of conditions and can be contagious. It is usually best for you to bring your child in for us to look at the irritated areas to determine the cause and how to treat it.

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In most cases, rash or unusual skin changes are not emergencies and cannot be diagnosed over the phone. If you are concerned about a rash, but your child is otherwise well, please call during regular office hours. If your child has recently started a medicine and develops a rash, stop the medication and call our office in the morning.

When to call the on-call doctor:

  • If your child is inconsolable or unresponsive or with a high fever (>104) and also has a new rash. This situation is considered an emergency. We recommend that your child be seen immediately in an emergency room or urgent care facility.
  • If the rash is purple/blood-colored spots, or bright red and tender to touch, or red streaks that are spreading, or appears like a burn
  • If the rash is associated with swollen lips or tongue, difficulty breathing or abdominal pain, go to the emergency room, as this may be a severe allergic reaction